Tightening Deck Bolts

Cleaning Motor Brushes

Speed Sensor Double Reading

LS Error - Calibration

Lubing the Deck

Pinched Harness

Speed Nut Clips

Tracking the Belt

Jumping the Rails

Replacing Handlebar Switch

Incline Error - Calibration

Incline Error - Wire Harness

Noise - Loose Hardware

Noise - Missing Washers

Noise - Lube on Rails

LCB Upright Cycle

Tightening the Pedals

Display Mode

Adjusting the Seat

LCR Recumbent Cycle

Adjusting the Seat

Pulse Grips Not Reading

Tightening the Pedals

SB700 Indoor Cycle Trainer

Tightening the Pedals

Synch Transmitter and Console

Adjusting Speed Sensor

Adjusting the Seat

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